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relatan's Journal

23 October
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My name is Anthony Natale. I like to think of myself as ' A '. I don't know why, I just do. Pennsylvania has been my home for the last 24 years of my life. My first 17 years near Philadelphia; the historic, one-time Capital City of the U.S.. Now a metropolis, with a pretty awesome Subway system. But I grew up in the boring suburbs..and became a man in Pittsburgh.

Childhood, uneventful. No physical or sexual abuse. I did 2 years of Catholic Elemtnary School, grades 1-2, no lasting damage there. I was heavy into Academics, and the Marching Band in Middle school up thru part of high school. Band was where I first tried drugs. Adderall, pot, muscle relaxers, percocet - at 14 I soon learned my favorites. But I didnt Use with any frequency until I was 18, really. Before drugs, it was Fantasy I escaped into - Dragonlance mostly. I had few friends, few enemies - no girlfriend throughout high school really. I did my own thing, hung with my crew of 3-4 troublemakers. Got stoned, played paint ball. Didnt get laid.

I did pretty great in high school, Academics, Curriculars, ACT scores. I got into the University of Pittsburgh! The actual only school I applied too - cocky, huh? I appled there because it was so so far away from where I was from whilst still getting PA-state grant money, and also because I'd visited the Halloween of my Senior Year of H.S. and I liked the urban campus, and the surrounding cityscape.

Pittsburgh was very formative experience in my life, thus far. It is where I have spent my entire adult life. It's where I went from being a virgin to being a full blown hard, same-room swinger. From a staunch homophobe to an ally living with Two gay guys in my Freshman dorm room with me. It's where I learned how to grow pot, please a woman..both of them very well. I got into Turkish, I speak it pretty damn well. Worked at a bar for a while, learned to fight, and how to settle them, avoid them and diffuse them before they start.
Not to mention the Modern (20thC) Art History, History of Islamic Civilization, Ancient Art, and 19th Century Russian Short Literature I studied. My top 4 favorite courses I've ever taken.

It was my Junior year of College, Fall 06 that I met Courtney. We met, fell head over heels in love and moved in with eachother all of within about 2 or 3 weeks. This was right about the time I turned 21. It was quite a whirlwind of emotions (and mistakes little known at the time). But we were in love and it felt great. It got to the point where we didnt want to go to class, we wanted to be with one another all day (stupidest mistake ever. You were right, Bob and Kris..). We were young, it's blinding, and we were still young, and dumb. Courtney and I lived together in the same Apartment for about 3 years. I grew pretty lg. amount of pot in the walk-in closet during 2 of those years..

What started out exciting, energetic, and beautiful..us falling love.. gradually just became a nothing. She described it as "it's like we're living together just because we pay bills together and smoke pot together when I get home from work." Which was true. It's where it'd gotten to..be what she described. We were together October 2006 - April 2009.

Long story short, we broke up, I continued to work (just at the bar by now) while couch surfing/homeless. June of that summer (09, last summer) I left PGH for where I am now, sigh, living with my parents. She got into boozing and whoring ; I got into some bad IV shit that had me been hooked to the teeth for 16 months.

In April '10 (this year) I DIED from an Intravenous mixture of Heroin&Cocaine, plus a lg. amt. of Klonopin in my system. They had to shoot 2mLs (a lot) of Narcan thru my NOSE (no veins to find on me..) to bring me back. I resentedn coming and kept shooting for another 2 or 3 weeks befoe I decided to get help -- and I only got off the Speed`balling with the help of Gd, a miracle drug Suboxone and the help of an old band friend, Rachel; who led me back to Christ and Gd. I am still in therapy, and on medication (Suboxone, antidepressant, Klonopin, Ambien..) but good things take time and I'm still doing quite well with my recovery.

My job experience is all over the book: Data Entry for a Law Firm, hard laborer for a Tree-Service company, a Prep Cook with my own full kitchen and a (paid) Dishwasher at my disposal to working at the Halloween Adventure Warehouse.

I'm an avid gardener and have my own seeds to a few different flower and tomato seeds. Flowers are lovely to grow. I have a great IBL Vein Red Calendula i've been growing since I lived in Pittsburgh. Next year I'd like to plot double my size, and also add in a fruit tree, maybe in a container it's first few years.

My goals now are taking care of some legal business, securing a job or 2, staying off dat shit, and finding a girl one day, and not scaring her off, and either having a kid with her..or graudually taking over hers (not kidnapping, just adopt it if they hav no daddyidk).

That's a pretty good bio? I wonder if anyone read it.